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Tirumala Tickets: Sensational decision of TTD.. From 22nd of this month the tickets are only 1000 pe

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Tirumala Tickets: Sensational decision of TTD.. From 22nd of this month the tickets are only 1000 pe

Tirumala Tickets: Sensational decision of TTD.. From 22nd of this month the tickets are only 1000 pe

  Jul 19, 2024     News Paper

Tirumala Tickets: There has been a huge rush of devotees in Tirumala for the past few days. Due to this, common devotees faced serious difficulties in visiting Lord Shiva. In this order, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam officials have taken important steps. Henceforth Srivani has announced that the quota of offline tickets will be issued only 1000 tickets per day. TTD officials revealed that this will reduce the crowd of devotees.

Tirumala Tickets: In view of the increasing number of visitors to Tirumala Srivara day by day.. TTD has taken a crucial decision. Steps have been taken to enable ordinary devotees to get more priority in visiting Tirumala Srivara. New guidelines have been issued as part of this. Shrivani has reduced the limit of tickets to book for Srivari darshan. While the existing tickets will be made available online, Srivani has decided to limit the number of tickets issued to 1,000. TTD officials revealed that this policy will come into effect from July 22.

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam has recently announced that from July 22, the quota of Srivani darshan tickets will be limited to 1,000. As part of this, it said that no changes have been made in the issuance of Srivani tickets issued online. While 500 Srivani tickets are being offered online so far, they will be kept as such. He said that the number of tickets issued offline will be limited to 1000 tickets. Out of these thousand tickets, 900 Srivani tickets will be given on a first-come, first-served basis at Gokulam Rest House in Tirumala. The remaining 100 tickets will be made available to Srivani donors at the current booking counters at Renigunta Airport. However, these offline Srivani tickets will be issued at the Tirupati airport counter only to those who have a boarding pass.

Five years ago, TTD started selling darshan tickets under the name Srivani tickets for VIP break darshan. Devotees who want to get ticket under this Srivani darshan.. Rs. 10,000 should be donated. Devotees who have darshan of this Srivani will not have to wait in the queue for a long time. Moreover, TTD provides an opportunity to visit Lord Tirumala very closely. And Rs. 10 thousand coming under Srivani tickets... Out of which Rs. 500 is for TTD... The remaining Rs. 9500 will be deposited in Srivani Trust. And this Srivani Trust aims to build Sri Venkateswara Swamy temples across the country, take care of their maintenance, provide rituals, functions and festivals in those temples. It was started by Srivani Trust in 2018. And the NRIs who come for this Srivari darshan are mostly using this Srivani darshan ticket system.

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